Pure Self project was founded by Aida in 2016, Chania, Crete, following her call to support the inner growth of humanity as individuals as well as collective society. It invites and teaches to listen deeply and recognise the Inner Wisdom.

Aida was born and grew up in Lithuania surrounded by forests, rivers, meadows and lakes. With the background of music and audiovisuals she journeyed exploring new horizons learning yoga and meditation. Eventually she traveled to India for Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga training (RYT 200) and began to offer her knowledge and experience soon afterwards. So far she has been offering classes in Greece, Italy, Philippines, Vietnam. She trained in Yin Yoga with Betty Papadopoulou and Biff Mithoefer, who both have a very profound, subtle and poetic approach to it.

During one of her stays in Italy Aida quite unexpectedly visited Itado School where she learned more about Shiatsu treatment and right away felt a great call to start studies and practice it. Today she continues with her teacher Marina Bernardotti.

With a deep connection to mother nature Aida follows a simple lifestyle fully dedicated to her practices including asana, meditation, Shiatsu, plant wisdom, and cultivates deep knowledge of the self.