Since my childhood I subconsciously believed in the self healing power. We all have it within and are our best therapists. From my current residency on the island of Crete, Greece vibrating motherly and grounding energy, I now offer one-on-one sessions online to help you discover and use your self healing ability.


Online sessions are designed according to your needs, whether that is a physical issue, a longing for emotional stability, or mental clarity. By using simple and practical movement and breathing techniques originating from Hatha Yoga, acupressure points and/or self-shiatsu and nutrition adjustments from Ancient Chinese Medicine. These sessions will inspire you for a deeper level of self-care, which is critical in order to improve any aspect of our life. Only by becoming humbler with ourselves we are able to embody humility in our relationships, our whole environment.


Book an initial session of 30 min free of charge to meet each other, learn more of my working style and discuss your needs. Send me a direct message. We will schedule an appointment via Zoom, WhatsApp or Skype and I will look forward seeing you there.


Single session, 60 min – 50 €

Package of 5 sessions within 3 months – 200 €

In case your finances have been heavily effected due to pandemic and at the moment you cannot afford this, but still want to work with me, reach out anyway to discuss.


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