Aida is magic and very caring. Her calm presence helps to get deeper in your own process. Her hands are healing and soft. It is a true gift to communicate with her.

Ekaterina, Russia

I experienced a very harmonising and invigorating shiatsu treatment by Aïda in her beautiful practice room. I definitely recommend her sensitive and empathic healing sessions.

Maja, Greece / Switzerland

I came across Aida in Crete and was lucky enough to experience her Shiatsu. Being a body worker myself, and quite sensitive and fussy about who and what bodywork I receive, I absolutely loved my sessions with Aida. She is a deep listener and attunes herself to the particularities of an individual. I felt relaxed to trust her from the start and enjoyed every moment. I only wish I could continue working with her at home. If you have a chance for a session, go for it. She is experienced and knowledgeable about her craft in many ways.

Laura, UK

A Shiatsu treatment with Aida is blissful and relaxing, and although some points on the body might be tender and sensitive, Aida is so tuned in and experienced that the pressure exerted is just right. I had the most profound feeling of space being created in my body which allowed the flow of energy and healing to take place. My backache was eased and my energy levels greatly increased after the treatment. Aida also is very knowledgable about dietary advice and can shed light on organ weakness and how to support and rebalance the body through food and correct nutrition. All in all, a brilliant and highly recommended therapy experience.

Georgina, Greece/UK

I had a blessing to experience Aida’s treatments several times. She is not only a skilled practitioner of therapies but an insightful individual with a gift to look at our mind, body and soul both physically and mentally, to help us feel better and indeed live better, long after we leave home. She knows her craft well as well as how to maximise the benefit. Aida’s passion for simplicity of life, her appreciation of healing nutrition and natural remedies goes way beyond a classical holiday therapist. I can highly recommend to discuss, engage, you will then know why I keep coming back.

Helen, UK/France

Au fil des saisons et des nos passages à en Crete j’ai eu l’occasion à des nombreuses l’éprises de passer entre les mains (et les pieds!) expertes de Aida et je peux assurer des bienfaits physiques et psychologiques ressentis après les seances. Aida nous transporte dans un autre monde de Bien Etre et de simplicité, d’harmonie et de connaissance (ou découverte) de son propre corps. Mon dos ne remerciera jamais assez! Puisse tu garder toujours cette gentillesse, ce professionnalisme et ce regard pétillant!

Laurent, France

Aida made our Honey Moon time at Elia truly special. My husband and I had a Hatha Yoga class and learned so much about breathing and the graceful poses. We loved the hammam with salt scrubs, especially the attention to detail, flower  petals, fresh herbal water and local quartz crystals that Aida gathered. We also had Thai massages – a truly invigorating and relaxing experience! Aida is a very intuitive and skilled practitioner and it was such a treat to enjoy her offerings and care.

Alexis, USA

Aida has a wonderful gentle touch and soothing energy. The treatments were excellent and deeply healing for my tired body. It felt great releasing my stuck bowels. And every time I see her around the sun comes out so that also makes my heart sing.

Vanessa, Australia

The two treatments I received from Aïda during our week holiday in Crete were were beautiful: intense and relaxing at the same time as well releasing emotionally. Her energy is incredibly calming and reasoning. I highly recommend her work.

Erin, UK

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